Monday, June 4, 2007

STD's At Boulder High School

We should all be grateful that we have someone like Bill O'Reilly on national television reporting the relevant news of the day with no spin. Bill O'Reilly has hit the nail on the head once again with a report that was aired last Tuesday night on his show "The O'Reilly Factor". O'Reilly called attention to a Conference On World Affairs (CWA) panel discussion held at Boulder High School, in which the title of the discussion was, STD's: "Sex,Teens and Drugs". The panelists openly discussed and supported the use of drugs, and promoted sexual relations among the young teens who were in attendance. I listened to a portion of the tape and I was appauled to hear what these so-called educators were saying to these young children. The panelists were urging the children to explore their sexuality by engaging in sexual activity with opposite sex partners, same sex partners , or any combination of sex partners. Furthermore, one panelist was heard discussing the difficulty of maintaining an erection while using a condom. Drug use became another hot topic for the panel, as the five panelists went into a lenghthy conversation about drug use and the need for the legalization of drugs! They discussed the consumption of weed, hash, and mushrooms, along with other drug laden consumables. We should all be completely outraged that such a panel could have taken place at a public high school. At the very least this was a criminal act of child abuse. Don't we all bear the responsibility of educating children and teaching them good wholesome values that they can then use to better our society as they enter into adulthood? This CWA panel should never again be allowed to hold these discussions among teenage children, and an immediate investigation should be launched concerning this matter. There should be legislation created to prevent these criminals from pandering their wares to our impressionable children. Someone should be held accountable for this outrage. Let's start with Boulder High School Principal Bud Jenkins, or School board President Helayne Jones, or maybe Superintendent George Garcia. It's very obvious to me, that these people didn't think this thing through before they allowed it to take place. Apparently, the Rocky Mountain News was the only Denver press media outlet that ran the story. None of the other news outlets in Colorado even bothered to run the story, including the Denver Post. These idiots that ran this panel are a scourge on society contributing to the moral decline of our great nation. Aren't these the same radical liberal nut jobs who are now teaching children that it's alright to take drugs, and experiment with sexual activity? It appears as though Boulder, Colorado has become a bastion for liberal secular progressives who are working tirelessly at destroying the moral fiber of our country. These secular progressives are now trying to establish anarchy and lawlessness in the city of Boulder. I urge you to call Boulder High school and express your outrage. Shouldn't we all be up in arms over this incident?,,,

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